Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Jedi's Dream Come True

There are those times in your life when your dreams really do come true.

And for our little Jedi, many of his not only came true, two weeks ago, but they were far surpassed.

That's right... The hubs and I kept one GIANT secret from Renn, when we went on vacation to Disneyland, two weeks ago. I'm not sure he even understood that Disney now owns his one and only true love (for all we know, Disney might actually own Renn's love for Star Wars, too). We had been in the park for about two hours, and managed to land our behinds on the little blue line that separates the Jedi Padawans from the audience. Renn could hear the music, and he could read the Star Wars insignia, but he didn't have a clue what he was in for.

Now, I had done everything within my power to get him chosen. I had sent emails, I had talked with City Hall upon our arrival, I made sure each member of the Telles family was wearing a Star Wars shirt (yes, even me), but even then, I worried it wasn't going to be enough.

Renn HAD to be chosen.

So, this raging momma grizzly bear marched her little booty up to a gentleman who looked like he belonged in a Star Wars movie.

Please be an employee. Do not offend a fellow Star Wars nerd. Please be an employee.
An employee, he WAS! I started by explaining Renn's story, and quickly found myself being quite emotional. Okay, I out right blubbered and sobbed as I begged this poor man for help in guaranteeing my son's acceptance in this magical ordeal. His face was emotionless. For a second, it occurred to me that he might just be a janitor. But I didn't care. My son has been through hell, and I was going to get him on that stage!

"Well," the nice, yet emotionless man stuttered, "there's no real guarantee that he will be chosen."


He went on to explain that Renn's daddy needed to hold him up high. Make sure the shirt and the birthday button were visible, and Renn needed to be ten times more jubilant than any child EVERRRR.

Challenge accepted!

I sobbingly muttered a thank you, and ran to my seat. Renn asked why I had black paint coming from under my sunglasses. Oh, honey... If you only knew what was coming.

Then, the Jedi Master appeared.

Renn's eyes widened, but I still don't think he understood. We finally had to let him in on our little secret, because we wanted him to scream and shout when the Jedi Master began choosing kids.
The Jedi Master started choosing kids. His voice was strong, powerful, and so commanding. I heard him choose several kids, but mainly I could hear my husband yell and shout through tears of his own as he held our Jedi up on his shoulders. I heard Renn say, "Me! Me!! Pick me, PLEASE!!"

And then, as if God said it himself, we heard, "You there, Dad, put down your son. He's a Jedi, now."


To say we "cried" wouldn't be doing it justice. Even little E shouted for Renn as he got his lightsaber and cloak.

And from there, he trained. They showed him how to use the lightsaber (to which he turned to us and gave us one of those are-they-FREAKING-serious?? looks), and then were swiftly interrupted by the booming sound of the theme song of ALL theme songs...

It only meant one thing.

People, I'm serious. I honestly thought only Darth Maul was going to be there. I had no idea THE Darth was going to be there. Renn's face was priceless. I'm sad I didn't capture it.

It became clear as they sectioned each Padawan into two groups that these kids were going to be given the chance to fight one of these Sith Lords. I quite literally began praying out loud that Renn could fight Lord Vader. Seems silly, I know. But, jeeze... This boy deserves it.

And wouldn't you know it...

Renn's dreams came true.
What made it amazing is when Renn got bold. He used the Force on Darth Vader, and the Jedi Master didn't know what to do. He laughed, kind of nervously, and said, "Oh no! You can't use such mind tricks on this one. He's much too strong! Here, use the Force on these weak minds!"

Pointing to the Storm Troopers, Renn used the Force on them, and knocked them clean over!
Oh, this trip was incredible, and oh so needed. but nothing would have been worth it if our little Jedi didn't get to do this. He hasn't stopped smiling since. And as we approach admitting him to UCSF once again, he will have these memories to look back on and help get him through the rough road ahead.
After Renn got his diploma, the Jedi Master came right up to us and complimented Renn on his skills, and wished him a happy birthday (it's not til March 19th, but we were celebrating his birthday, E's birthday, and our anniversary!). I thanked the Jedi Master, and explained the situation and Renn's story. He asked if he could take a picture with the bravest Jedi he's ever met.
And that's just it; Renn continues to be brave even though his seizures are getting worse and worse, even though his school is not helping him the way they should be, and even though he's going back to the hospital for another set of long, terrible tests... He truly is...

The bravest Jedi.


  1. You needed to hand out tissues at the beginning of that post, Bethany! Oh, I'm so happy for our little Jedi, and so proud of him -- and so proud of you and Rick and E! What a perfect experience for Renn to have as he heads back to hospital. May the Force be with him! (And those Storm Troopers found out what we have known ever since we met Renn -- The Force is Strong with This One!)

    *so many hugs you can't even count them*

  2. This is one of the most awesome posts I've read in a long time. Dreams do come true. What a blast for your Jedi!

  3. Oh boy! He looked so excited in those pictures. what a great surprise for him.

    All the best to you guys!

  4. Great story! What an awesome experience. I am so happy for you and Renn!

  5. Good LORD! So emotional. So incredibly elated for your family Bethany. Words cannot express. Love you guys.

  6. That is so cool Renn was chosen! Happy Birthday to him. Continued prayers sent your way!

  7. I'm so glad that Renn got to experience his dream. Your emotional day carried over into your post -- that was definitely a tearjerker of a post. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  8. Bethany, you are the mom of all moms and Renn is the Jedi of all Jedis! This little boy's spirit is what made him get chosen as a Jedi, because IS one. The force IS with him - and you. All my love!

  9. Incredible! So happy for Renn (and you are an awesome mom!).

  10. I wish I could've been there! I saw in the paper, people in some major city far, far away (I think San Fransisco) were being trained in the art of the Lightsaber. I think there are 2 instructors. One dresses up as Darth V, and the other one SERIOUSLY looks like Obi-Wan from the second episode (Attack of the Clones). (except his beard and hair are dark dark brown.) Wish I was there too! :D

  11. Supremely happy for this little Jedi.

  12. Oh wow! I mean - just OH WOW!!! What a great experience for all of you! Oh wow.

  13. Gee whiz, Bethany! Why didn't you tell us to get a box of kleenex before we read this?! What a story! I'm so glad Renn got to be a Jedi and duel with Lord Vader, and that you all had such a wonderful experience. He'll never forget it. And you're right. On those days in the hospital it will be a great source of strength and comfort for him! What a wonderful day it must have been :)