Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back On Our Home Planet

We made it home!!

Yes, we are at home, and our little, BRAVE Jedi is back to his usual tricks. We started the steroid last night, and will be taking his third dose in about fifteen minutes. So far, so good! No signs of a seizure this morning (he had three on the way home yesterday, making a total of five 7-10+ minute seizures for the day), and he's full of energy. Dr. Amazing warned us that he would be extremely hyper, irritable, hungry all the time, and he would hardly sleep over the next two-three weeks. But, if we get that and no seizures? I'm all for it.

Thank you for your support while Renn was in the hospital. The love was ridiculous, and I am STILL trying to comment on all the blogs that gave Renn the encouragement he needed. If you want to check what all my creative friends did for him, please head on over to Susanna Hill's blog, HERE. I'm warning you... Be prepared to cry, laugh, and have your socks knocked off!

Renn wanted to say a little something, too:

Also, we have a request... The people at the Empire State Building DENIED the request to turn the beautiful building purple for Purple Day on March 26th. Can you believe it? So, a petition has been started (and both the Hubs and I signed it). We are asking that every single one of you follow the link (click HERE) and sign the petition. It would be HUGE for Epilepsy, if we could do this!!
Thank you, again, to all our intergalactic friends... What a difference you make. 


  1. Good luck with the steroids. I hope they put a stop to those seizures once and for all!

  2. Hi Bethany .. so pleased your son is home - and here's to a sleepless couple of weeks, which you'll be glad to bear - and sure hope the seizures hold off ... many thoughts .. and here's to the Light Sabre ...

    Cheers and with thoughts for a full recovery anon ... Hilary

  3. I'll sign! Renn's thank you video was the best video of them all! :D

  4. So cute, Bethany! Hope all is going well at home!