Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Request

In less than 12 hours, the first part of Renn's far more serious journey will begin. We are asking for one specific thing from our beloved friends and family:

Please PRAY.

Pray for Renn. Ask God (or whomever you pray to!) that not only will this first surgery go well, but that we get results. Those results need, need, NEED to say that his seizures are coming from ONE. SIDE. ONLY. Friends, if the electrodes that are being implanted onto his brain show discharges from both the left and right sides of his brain, our hope for a cure for Renn is 100% over (unless we are given a miracle by God). If the discharges come from one side, we will continue to parts 3 and 4 of his surgical journey.

I will be updating this blog nightly, as Renn and I stay in the hospital this week. If you want to write messages or send pictures, please feel free to do so! And we thank all the amazing people who have been sending Renn (and Eli!!) cards, gifts, and love all this past week. You are such a blessing, and we thank God for you.

Before I go tuck our sweet Jedi into bed, I wanted to share one last thing:

We have been given a bible verse that really gives our family peace. It has and will continue to be the mantra we pray over Renn, as we watch him endure all of this. If you feel it necessary, please write this verse down, and whenever you see it, please pray for Renn. If you want to write his name on your rearview mirror, your hand, on 1,000 post-it notes- anything to remind you to pray- that would be amazing. We love you all; God bless each of you. Till tomorrow...

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory HE will reveal to us later.
Romans 8:18


  1. Anything for Renn.

  2. Continual light, love, and hugs to you all.

  3. Praying for Renn and you! Great Bible verse. May Renn feel God's love!

  4. Praying, & posting prayer for Renn & all of you, from Kansas with love!

  5. Good luck, Renn! I'm praying for all of you.

  6. Thinking of you and praying for Renn and all of you!

  7. Bless the little Jedi!

  8. I shall be praying to Him on Renn's welfare!