Sunday, October 13, 2013

An Ally to the Republic... Reading For Renn

Along Renn's journey through Epilepsy, we have met and "met" many friends. Some have Epilepsy, or have a family member with Epilepsy, but many do not. The thing we have learned is that the world- nay, the galaxy- is filled with incredible, loving, and wonderful people.

Last week, I received an email from a blog that I subscribe to and read religiously. Its author is someone I regard highly and draw great inspiration from, as well as encouragement, when it comes to my writing. He reviews kidlit of all shapes and sizes with honest opinions and descriptions that I find highly accurate. Oh yeah, he's also ELEVEN.

Erik, of This Kid Reviews Books, is a genuine, kind-hearted soul. And, his parents? They get Parents of the CENTURY award! They have raised a son who is not only super smart, but he wants to help others. Renn has benefited greatly from the videos Erik has made with his Star Wars Legos... He knows the ways of the Force, I tell ya. And we are lucky to "know" him. :)

The reason I am writing about him today, is because Erik has stepped up to the plate and is challenging both himself AND his followers to help Renn. He has created READING FOR RENN, where he is asking friends, family, and businesses to sponsor him for every Accelerated Reader point he gets  (the AR program is a program that many schools run where they read several books, take tests about those books, and then earn points!). Now, he is a sixth grader... And sixth graders at his school have a goal to earn 60 points for the school year. However, Erik says, "My personal goal for this year is to get 1505 points (just enough to beat the district record I set last year ;) ). For Reading For Renn, my goal is to get 150 AR points for the MONTH OF OCTOBER."

Incredible, right? What a blessing he is- and a SMART one, too!

He is already rocking the challenge! He has earned 34 points, and is NOT slowing down.
So, Renn would like to give Erik an award... It's the official Purple Lightsaber Award! This award is given to those who advocate for Epilepsy- those who show their kindness, and who stand up for those who can't.
Erik- for your precious gifts of love, for your willingness to help others, and for your ability to use your talents to spread the word about Epilepsy, we would love for you to accept our small (albeit kind of silly and fun!) award. You, kiddo, are a true hero! Thank you!!!

God bless you, Erik! You have a friend in Renn (and the rest of us, too!) for life! Good luck on your challenge. May the Force be with you, always!
And may the rest of us be more like this eleven year old kiddo and be inspired to help complete strangers, in their time of need.
For anyone wanting to sponsor Erik in his Reading for Renn adventure, please click HERE.



  1. Tears of joy here. I am so impressed by what Erik is doing for Renn -- and I so love that Renn is giving him an award because of it. I am privileged to "know" (at least through cyberspace) some pretty awesome people. Some of their names are Renn, Erik, and also Eli, Bethany and Rick. May the Force be with you all!

  2. Thank you VERY much Ms. Telles (and Jedi Master Renn!!!)! I am honored to receive the Purple Lightsaber! :)

  3. Erik certainly is an amazing person, Bethany! Truly deserving of the purple light saber award!