Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grid Placement: Day 2

The amazing, Jedi Renn continues to be his incredible self. After nearly 24hrs, he was finally able to keep liquids down, and even managed to enjoy half a popsicle, a strawberry "milkshake", and about 4.6 Goldfish crackers. Of course, that was over about a six hour period of time.

Now, I will warn you here, just in case seeing kiddos a little black and blue bother you... His right eye did swell up quite a bit today, and that left our Jedi frustrated beyond belief. When he first woke up, it wasn't that bad.

But as the day progressed, he truly couldn't even open his right eye.

Renn got a wonderful gift sent to him (thank you, Wright family)! And it was the first time he wanted to sit up, so I was thrilled.


He slept most of the day away, only waking periodically to play a video game with Daddy, or to semi-socialize.
 Even when he tried to smile, you couldn't see it. However, the doctors told me to expect major droopiness and weakness on the left side of his body... But Renn not only showed NO sign of that, but he actually proved to have a lot more strength than "usual" this early after surgery.

As we headed out to get a CT scan done, we noticed that his left eye also began to show signs of swelling... I knew to expect this, but I was
incredibly concerned that his frustration level would go through the roof if he couldn't see (I mean, wouldn't yours???).

His CT scan was quick and easy, but the adventure left him in a lot of pain. The swelling around his left eye increased a ton...

I was encouraged when he stayed completely awake while watching a couple movies with me during the rest of the evening. The longest he'd stayed awake until that point was about 7 minutes. He kept asking me to cuddle with him... Who would deny such a request?!

I did step away, at one point, and I got this picture of him watching one of the movies... It may not look like it, but his left eye IS open. Poor, poor baby.

I do have GREAT news to report!! Renn had one, GLORIOUS seizure, this afternoon! So, that means that his brain and body have definitely not gone dormant after the surgery, yesterday. Not only that, but one of the Neurologists said she was pretty convinced it was stemming from the lower Temporal lobe!! So your prayers are working. Please, continue to send them our way!

As our Jedi got sleepier and sleepier, he asked if I would lay next to him and go to sleep. It broke my
heart that he drifted off before I could lie down. However, just watching him now, he seems at peace... Like he's getting the best rest possible. And that, alone, is such an answer to prayer.

"So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."
Luke 11:9



  1. All sounds that it is going just as or even better than planned. Prayers continue!

  2. Tears, but grateful ones. Praying for comfort for that little guy, and for the seizures the team needs to see clearly the source of the seizures and how they need to proceed. Sending tons of love your way!

  3. Wow! A GLORIOUS seizure... I bet you never thought you would say that, right? How wonderful. I am sending so many prayers to Renn, the medical staff and your family. Thank you for keeping us updated.
    For Renn: You are amazing and inspiring. Rest up!

  4. Renn is one heck of a jedi! And so are you, Bethany! Glad to hear of the glorious seizure. I so hope the doctors will get the information they need to put a stop to Renn's difficulties! Thinking of you all and praying for you!

  5. What a tough kiddo. Prayers continue. Hang in there, buddy.