Friday, January 4, 2013

Always in Motion is the Future

Happy New Year!

I hope you are enjoying 2013, already!! New Year's Eve came and went in our household, lacking just about everything, save promise. The hubs and I cried and celebrated as we said goodbye to one of the hardest years we've endured yet. We're holding our heads high, and putting a lot of hope into the old superstition "Lucky 13".

We are busy getting ready for our stay at UCSF, and, man! That's proving to be a bit more difficult than we'd thought. How do you pack or plan for a trip where you could be gone as little as a week, or as long as a month?! Underwear... Lots and lots of underwear (I assume!).

The hubs and E will be dropping Renn and me off bright and early, Monday morning. After that,  the Jedi and I will be on our own. We're calling it the "Ultimate Renn and Mommy Date" (though I think I'd rather take my kiddo camping). It's going to be rough without any visitors, this time; HOWEVER, we've had some great people set up Skype dates with us, give us things to do to be entertained, and made promises to call. A friend from school even stopped by our house the other day to deliver this...

Sweet, right? Totally made his day, and he's been sleeping with it ever since. Renn says that he'll sleep better this time around because he has this awesome blanket!

We might not know what the future holds for Renn, but thankfully none of us ever know what the future holds. Jesus does, though. And that's why we're grasping on to Jeremiah 29:11! For now, we know we'll be packing an undetermined amount of undies, our toothbrushes, the laptop, and the extra special gifts that he's been given, and we're heading up North. And when we come back, we'll be that much closer to knowing what is next for out little Jedi.

Stay tuned... Our adventure awaits!


  1. That certainly is the most awesome blanket EVER! I'm sure your little Jedi will sleep well under that :) Good luck in your journey. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Battle on Master Jedi Renn! :D

  3. Take care sweet boy!

  4. What a perfect gift for Renn. You're all in my prayers, Bethany.

  5. You and Renn will be in my thoughts.