Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jedi Master Training Mission: Day 2

You know how after intense exercise training you are always the most sore the NEXT day?

Welcome to day two...

After a night/morning like last night/morning, I'm shocked either one of us were functional, today. He fell asleep at 9:00PM, and I was grateful. However, at 2:50 this morning, I woke to the voice of a somewhat panicked nurse saying, "Hey buddy, you can't get out of bed... Do you have to go to the bathroom?" I jolted from my plastic chair "bed", as the nurse apologized to me saying that the Techs upstairs ("Big Brother", so to speak) had called saying that Renn was out of bed, and was out of view. From that point on, our sweet Jedi was inconsolable.

Now, when I say that Renn has always been pretty amazing in social situations, new environments, and around all types of strangers, I'm really watering it down. He is the MOST social, lovable, accepting child, who has never once thrown a full blown tantrum... in public. So when I say Renn threw a tantrum last night, what I really mean is he had an uncategorical, hyperventilating, complete panic attack-type, melt down.

He screamed, he begged, he pleaded, he cried, he sobbed; there was just no helping my Jedi. When we called Daddy to have him sing, Renn dozed off for about three minutes, and then started again.

Finally at 4:45AM, I hit the nurse button, and an angel walked through our door. She brought out her phone, and let Renn scroll through the hundreds of cat and dog pictures she had. Then, she found a peaceful fishy game to help soothe him. She even left her phone with us for the next thirty minutes.

But, it didn't work, and Renn got angrier. I held back tears of my own as I restrained him, trying to keep him from harm. Eventually, at 6:15AM, he passed out.

Throughout the day, he just seemed closed off and angry. Dr. Amazing visited, and said she was cutting out Renn's Lamictal... cold turkey. (I'm not going to lie, I'm scared about what that might mean for him.)

He did get to vist the playroom, though!! That was lovely. It gave me a chance to go outside and breathe fresh air, pick up some greasy Panda Express, and think. It helped him the most, though.

As the hours went on, I realized that Renn's face was a little more red, and his ears were a little more plump than usual. As I felt his head dressing, I discovered that the tape they'd used was just TOO DARN TIGHT! No wonder he was going nuts! I would be too!!Immediately, I started asking for someone from the tech team could come and fix it. Renn wasn't happy at first, because he was tired of people touching his head. But then...


It was like night and day; Color returned to Renn's face, and so did his smile. Instantly he wanted to play, laugh, make jokes! It was soooo good to have my boy back.

Later that evening, we got to Skype with two of our favorite families ever, and Daddy and E, too. He ate pizza, and life was grand.

After I brushed his teeth and got him back into bed, we had seizure #2 jump into the mix!! I know... Could this day have turned around any more?! Seizure #2 was pretty long... Roughly eight minutes or so. I can't believe he only had one all day, but I'm not complaining. Due to last night's debackle, tonight is technically his "first night", so hopefully he'll cooperate.

Sigh... I'm going to shout it loud and proud-

I have one strong boy!! And man oh man, am I ever overjoyed that God chose me to be his momma. He is going to grow up and be able to handle ANYTHING. I couldn't ask for aa single thing more.

See you folks tomorrow.


  1. Even without the tape problem, I (a wise old adult) would have had a tantrum. Renn has been through so much. It is amazing this is his first meltdown. Even more amazing is Renn. Incredible little boy. Incredible Mama! You are right, when he grows up, he will be able to conquer the world with ease.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a night and day you two have been through, and what a wonderful mama you are! And what a tough little soldier he is - Jedi master indeed. Thank goodness you got the tape sorted out - that would send ANYone over the edge I should think! I hope you both get some sleep tonight!

  3. Praying for rest for the Jedi master and mom! Whew...hang in there!

  4. It definitely takes a mom to notice plump ears. Good going! Hope things are smoothing out. One foot in front of the other. Hang in there.

  5. I would have been seething with anger, probably wouldn't read/play, and break-down. Renn is strong (in the force)!!! :D